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Product: Rumie Tablet

Developer: Rumie Initiative

Platforms: Android

What's Rumie

Rumie's a non-profit initiative that makes access to free digital education possible for underserved communities worldwide.

Rumie's devices rely on RadaeePDF SDK to render PDF contents.

A library for the cost of a book.

Preloaded with high-quality educational textbooks, videos and games tailored to a student’s age and curriculum, Rumie Tablets are interactive digital libraries that cost less than the average textbook.

All learning content can be used offline, making each tablet a portable library for students to use wherever and whenever they want.


Crowdsource Content

Other organizations only ask you for money. Rumie wants something different: your time, your talent and your passion. The LearnCloud, Rumie's groundbreaking platform of the best free learning content online, allows you to directly help Rumie's NGO partners using tablets in remote areas around the world – and you don't even have to leave your home. Click here to try it out. Click here to try it out.

Donate Devices

Want to fund a device? Click ‘Donate’ at the top of Rumie's website and follow the steps. Your donation will help Rumie perfect the technology solution that brings digital education to children around the world. Rumie issues tax receipts for donations made in Canada and in the US.

Get Tablets

Think a set of Rumie Tablets would be great for your school or educational organization? Visit Rumie's website to learn more. Tablets work offline, collect analytic data, and come loaded with great free learning content of your choice.

PDF reading

Rumie Tablet opens and manipulate PDF files thanks to RadaeePDF SDK.


    Rumie Tablet   Rumie Tablet Rumie Tablet

Rights and Trademarks

Rumie Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a Canadian registered charity.