The most flexible SDK to render, annotate and sign PDF files is now even more flexible and powerful.

RadaeePDF Master SDK supports Android, iOS and Windows UWP.

The framework is completely customizable with a full featured set of API and flexible classes.

RadaeePDF Master SDK allows you to read, annotate, manipulate, do text searches and extractions, and much more besides.

The fast and robust C++ core library is the base for the highly customizable framework written, respectively, in Java, Objective-C and C#.

This Master SDK extends the features of the Classic SDK Premium version with new and powerful capabilities.

Here are just some example of the new features available in the Master SDK:

  • text redaction: completely removes part of text from pages to protect sensitive content, intellectual property, omissions, and private contents. 
  • create and modify annotations: with full UI (free hand, rectangle, circle, arrow, text,etc)
  • create and modify form fields: add radio buttons, checkboxes, text-fields, etc.
  • open and show docx: no matter if your application shows PDF or DOCX files, it will simply render them.
  • fts tokenizer and search: search text in a full-text database with incredible performance.
  • pdf linearization: re-orders objects referenced by page in the PDF file, and improves user speed of access to the document when opened from a slow media like a remote webserver.
  • image extraction: extracts images from the page and saves them as PNG or JPEG.
  • image substitution: changes images referenced by page. The feature is an excellent way to reduce PDF file size and optimize themfor storage.
  • signature and certificate: set signature fields contents. 

Master Client

$1,499.00 /application
( taxes excluded )
Bulk purchase discount available in the shopping cart.

  • All the features from the Premium version plus
  • Open and render DOCX files
  • Open and convert DOCX files to PDF
  • Export PDF to HTML5
  • Content redaction (definitively remove contents while maintaining the page layout
  • Inline text edit (just as a word-processor does)
  • Form Field create
  • Complete attachment handling (add, extract, remove)
  • Save PDF as linearized document
  • Save PDF as PDF/A
  • Import/Export XFDF
Windows UWP