The most flexible library to introduce PDF manipulation, annotation, form fields support, creation in your server environment.

RadaeePDF SDK support Linux and Windows Server through Java interfaces.

The framework is completely customizable with a full featured set of API and flexible classes.

RadaeePDF SDK for Seerver offers complete tools to allow you annotate, manipulate, do text search and extraction. The Java framework is relying on fast C++ library optimized to work on x86-64. Developers might extend features and customize behavior adopting the complete set of API from the native RadaeePDF SDK tool.

RadaeePDF's team is day by day improving the framework and is introducing useful and simple to be adopted features.  

Out of the box features are:

  • open PDF from file system
  • open PDF from memory
  • open PDF from http stream
  • open encrypted PDF files
  • create and modify annotations with full UI (free hand, rectangle, circle, arrow, text,etc)
  • annotations flattening
  • text search
  • text extract

How can you use it?

  • text extraction to make indexes
  • annotations extraction/creation to make social annotation platform
  • merge of more files in a single file
  • file split in more files
  • page extraction
  • document watermarking
  • acrofield value extraction and inflation
  • pdf to bitmap conversion
  • etc.
Bash scripts

Linux CentOS

Linux Ubuntu

Linux Windows

Server side demo:

The web application is demoing how to:
  • reorder pages
  • exclude pages
  • merge pdfs together
  • apply a jpg watermark
  • extract form fields value if available

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