The most flexible SDK to include PDF rendering, annotation, form fields support, and creation in your Windows UWP Apps.

RadaeePDF SDK supports Windows UWP development using C# and MS VisualStudio.

Follow the links below, download the free SDKs of the PDF reader and start including them in your Windows UWP application.

How to develop your first app using RadaeePDF SDK
The framework is completely customizable with a full featured set of API and flexible classes.

RadaeePDF PDF SDK for Windows UWP offers a complete PDF reader with annotation, form, text search extraction capabilities. The C# framework uses the fast C++ library optimized to work on ARM, x86 architectures (both 32bit and 64bit). Developers can extend features and customize behavior by adopting the complete set of API from the native RadaeePDF SDK tool.

The RadaeePDF team is constantly improving the framework, and introducing new and useful features that are simple to adopt.  

Out of the box features are:

  • open PDF from file system
  • open PDF from memory
  • open PDF from http stream
  • open encrypted PDF files
  • view pdf files in portrait, landscape, double page, vertical continuous, horizontal continuous
  • create and modify annotations with full UI (free hand, rectangle, circle, arrow, text,etc)
  • annotations flattening
  • text search single page, double pages, continuous vertical scroll, continuous horizontal scroll
  • many more

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