Are there any royalties to pay?

No, after registering for free with our website, you can download the full multi-platform SDK packages. The dynamic library, when packaged within your application, can be re-distributed royalty free, as long as it is produced using a licensed version of the Software.

What I can do with a single license?

You can publish a single application on a single operating system. Please note that the use of the SDK and its license has no time limit, and it is independent of the number of user downloads. Each license is tied to a unique activation key. Activations keys are strictly related to Application Package Name on Android, bundle-id on iOS, unique id on Windows.

Are updates and fixes included?

Yes, every developer and customer is eligible to receive software updates for free. The licensed version of the library  remains valid from a RadaeePDF SDK version to a newer one. Software activation keys are affected by software updates.

Refund policies

  1. Inactive licenses (where an activation key is not issued) within 25 days of purchase: The entire license cost will be refunded.
  2. Inactive licenses (after 25 days from purchase): refund will be 85% of the license cost.
  3. Active licenses (where an activation key has been issued) for as yet un-published applications: refunds for licenses already tied to an activation key, no matter when the request has been made, will be refunded 40% of the license cost.
  4. Active licenses within published applications: no refund is allowed.

Is there a per seat fee?

No, the use of the SDK and its license is independent of the number of development seats.

What about FREE support?

We provide free support using the following support channels (forum, bug reports and newsletter).

Can I share the license from an App with a new one?

Each license is tied to a single self-contained application: no external plugins, software module, printer drivers (i.e. via Android intent mechanism) can contain the RadaeePDF SDK binary library, java code or activation key.

Any more doubts?

Please read our EULA from the linked page.

Fill the support form here.