The quickest way to introduce PDF handling features in your Cordova based Apps.

Follow the link below, download the Cordova plugin of the PDF reader for free and start including it in your Android and iOS application.

Get RadaeePDF's Cordova plugin on GitHub

Few lines of code and you will be able to run a full featured PDF reading engine in your mobile Apps.

RadaeePDF PDF SDK for Cordova offers complete PDF reader with annotation, form, text search extraction capabilities on the Cordova platform for Android and iOS. The module is available with complete Objective-C and Java sources: developers might extend features and customize behavior adopting the complete set of API from the native RadaeePDF SDK tool.

RadaeePDF's team is improving Cordova module's features day by day and is introducing useful and simple to be adopted features.

Out of the box features are:

  • multiplatform support. Android and iOS are both supported with a common API set
  • open PDF from file system
  • open PDF from memory
  • open PDF from http stream
  • open encrypted PDF files
  • view pdf files in portrait, landscape, double page, vertical continuous, horizontal continuous
  • create and modify annotations within the full UI (free hand, rectangle, circle, arrow, text,etc)
  • annotations flattening
  • text search single page, double pages, continuous vertical scroll, continuous horizontal scroll
  • form fields get/set via json stream

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