RadaeePDF: the fastest PDF viewer SDK for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

RadaeePDF is a library for developers who want to render, manipulate and annotate PDF files on Android, iOS and Windows 10.

RadaeePDF SDK helps you to build better mobile applications. Using our featured PDF reader engine's API and its set of professional features is now a quick and simple procedure.

RadaeePDF SDK extends your App's features with stunning PDF capabilities on smartphones, tablets, notebooks, convertibles, desktops.

Main RadaeePDF SDK' features: PDF rendering engine for Android iOS Windows 10 operating systemsPDF annotationPDF creationPDF multimedia support.

RadaeePDF SDK supports also Xamarin and Cordova development targeting Android and iOS.

SDK that simplify PDF rendering on iOS and Android

Main features

RadaeePDF SDK has been designed to solve most developers' needs with regards to PDF rendering. There are so many functionalities included that it's not possible to list them all outside the technical documentation.
Listed below are the main features.
Fully compatible with PDF1.7 file structure


Read, view and modify documents in the most widely-used PDF format version.

C++ code with assembly optimization

Great performances

True native code compiled from C++ sources.

Text, hyperlink, geometric primitives and free hand annotations


Annotate PDFs with hyperlinks, text, sketches or insert complex binary objects into your PDFs.

AES and RC4 encryption / decryption

Protection and encryption

Full AES256 cryptography ensures high-level protection for your documents.

Text search and extraction

Text handling

Search, extract, highlight - some of the most commonly-requested features.

PDF form editing and writing

Form editing

Create, write, read acrofields (form fields).

Some companies using our tool

Wolters Kluwer Evernote The Washington Post Le Monde Kerakoll S.p.a.
"Using your SDK we developed amazing products." - G. Falcone - Electronic Publishing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Italia.