RadaeePDF Classic

RadaeePDF Classic SDK

This is the well-known SDK for Android, iOS and Windows UWP. Our team began its development in early 2012 and starting from May-2012 and we have never stopped improving it since.

The SDK is based on the fast, reliable and numerous core library features completely written in C++.

RadaeePDF Classic includes fully customizable frameworks respectively written in Java, Objective-C and C#. We complete the range with simplified Cordova and Xamarin plugins (Android and iOS).

RadaeePDF Classic SDK has been adopted by more than 6000 SMB and large corporations in more than 8500 applications. Some of its included features are PDF read, different rendering layouts, support of PDF annotations, text search and extraction and dozens more. 

RadaeePDF Master

RadaeePDF Master SDK

The Master Edition represents a huge step forward compared to the previous Classic version, and introduces advanced features like complete form fields manipulation, pdf linearization and optimization, xfdf import/export, signature and certificate handling, and much more.

The Master Edition allows your applications to read and show DOCX files and convert them into PDF format.

The Master is still based on the native core library that draws on, and extends, all the features of the Classic version. The framework of the Master Edition includes a ready full-text search engine and developers may use it with large PDF libraries to offer a super-fast searching experience to your users.

RadaeePDF Master supports Android, iOS and Windows UWP.


RadaeePDF Master for Server

RadaeePDF Master SDK for Server

The Master Edition is also available on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu 16, 20).

Using it, you can choose your preferred development language from C# .NET 5, Java and C++.

The SDK for Server includes full working examples of native C++ applications, Java Applets and Java Servlets.

Adopting the Master SDK for Server allows for direct DOCX to PDF conversion and PDF to HTML5 conversion.


RadaeePDF Command Line Tools

RadaeePDF Command Line Tools

Tools are executables for command line. We release them only as binary code, without sources and you can use them on on your workstation or server running Windows and Linux calling directly in the shell or from a batch or script.

Some of the included features are PDF to images, images to PDF, PDF optimization, PDF linearization, DOCX to PDF conversion, XFDF import/export. Using it is very simple: just copy the package and required files in an accessible path of your computer and execute it from your shell (i.e.: bash, xterm, powershell, cmd, etc.)

RadaeePDF Master Application

RadaeePDF Master Application

Are you looking for a full-featured PDF reader for your mobile device? We offer our application for free without any cut-down features or advertisements. You simply install and start using it. If you are interested, please contact our sales team.


Main features

RadaeePDF SDK has been designed to solve most developers' needs with regards to PDF rendering. There are so many functionalities included that it's not possible to list them all outside the technical documentation.
Listed below are the main features.
Fully compatible with PDF1.7 file structure

PDF ISO32000

Read, view and modify documents in the most widely-used PDF format version.

C++ code with assembly optimization

Great performances

True native code compiled from C++ sources.

Text, hyperlink, geometric primitives and free hand annotations


Annotate PDFs with hyperlinks, text, sketches or insert complex binary objects into your PDFs.

AES and RC4 encryption / decryption

Protection and encryption

Full AES256 cryptography ensures high-level protection for your documents.

Text search and extraction

Text handling

Search, extract, highlight - some of the most commonly-requested features.

PDF form editing and writing

Form editing

Create, write, read acrofields (form fields).

Some companies using our tool

Wolters Kluwer Evernote The Washington Post Le Monde Kerakoll S.p.a.
"Using your SDK we developed amazing products." - G. Falcone - Electronic Publishing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Italia.