Kerakoll powered by MobileReplica

Product: Kerakoll

Publisher: Kerakoll s.p.a.


Press release: Market Place, ed. TopPress

Kerakoll was looking for a digital delivery platform targeting mobile devices and found MobileReplica.

Main features are:

  • Reliability in a B2B environment
  • Integration with Adobe Indesign
  • Fast PDF handling and reading (RadaeePDF SDK)
  • Multimedia support (movies, pictures, html5)
  • Strong file encryption (AES128)
  • Multilanguage support (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Arab, Deutsch, more languages are coming)
  • Multilevel grant access
  • Video streaming through GoogleCast, AirPlay (soon AndroidTV and AppleTV native support)

Kerakoll is publishing its own applications on both AppStore and GooglePlay, they support iPhone and iPad starting running iOS 8.0+ and Android smartphones and tablet running Android 4.1+.



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