Knowledge Base - How to set custom annotation icon

Knowledge Base - How to set custom annotation icon

This article shows how to add a custom annotation icon:

- (BOOL)setCustomIcon:(CGImageRef)ref forAnnotAtIndex:(int)index atPage:(int)pageNum


    //get the PDFVPage

    PDFVPage *vpage = [m_view vGetPage:pageNum];

    if( !vpage ) return NO;


    //get the PDFPage

    PDFPage *page = [vpage GetPage];

    if (!page) {

        return NO;



    //get the annotation

    PDFAnnot *annot = [page annotAtIndex:index];


    //init PDFDocForm and PDFPageContent

    PDFDocForm *form = [m_doc newForm];

    PDFPageContent *content = [[PDFPageContent allocinit];


    //create PDFDocImage with CGImageRef

    PDFDocImage *image = [m_doc newImage:ref :YES];

    PDF_PAGE_IMAGE rimg = [form addResImage:image];


    //set the matrix 20x20

    PDFMatrix *matrix = [[PDFMatrix allocinit:20 :20 :0 :0];

    [content gsCatMatrix:matrix];

    matrix = nil;


    //draw the image on the PDFPageContent

    [content drawImage:rimg];

    [content gsRestore];


    //set the content on the PDFDocForm

    [form setContent:0 :0 :20 :20 :content];


    //set the custom icon

    BOOL success = [annot setIcon2:@"myIcon" :form];


    //free objects

    content = nil;

    page = nil;


    return success;




For example, you can call this method while you're adding a PopupText annot.

In this case in vAddTextAnnot you can add:

-(void)vAddTextAnnot :(int)x :(int)y :(NSString *)text


    struct PDFV_POS pos;

    [m_view vGetPos:&pos :x * m_scale :y * m_scale];



        PDFVPage *vpage = [m_view vGetPage:pos.pageno];

        if( !vpage ) return;

        PDFPage *page = [vpage GetPage];

        if (!page) {



        m_modified = true;


        PDF_POINT pt;

        pt.x = pos.x ;

        pt.y = pos.y ;

        [page addAnnotNote:&pt];

        PDFAnnot *annot = [page annotAtIndex: [page annotCount] - 1];

        [annot setPopupText:text];


        //set the custom icon

        UIImage *im = [UIImage imageNamed:@"image.png"];

        [self setCustomIcon:im.CGImage forAnnotAtIndex:[page annotCount] - 1 atPage:m_cur_page];



        [m_view vRenderSync:pos.pageno];

        [m_doc save];






You can also modify the method and get the annotation and the page number as parameters instead of the annotation index.

To use this method you have to set the cache path.

Here is an example of how to set the cache:

NSString *cacheFile = [[NSTemporaryDirectory() stringByAppendingString:@""] stringByAppendingString:@"cache.dat"];

[m_doc setCache:cacheFile];

Applies To

RadaeePDF SDK for iOS


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