Knowledge Base - Manage Markup annotations on you PDF using RadaeePDF

If you need to get/set values of AcroForm from your PDF file and you are using the RadaeePDF Cordova plugin this article is good for you.

With GetMarkupAnnotationDetails(int pageno) you can get a list of all the Markup annotations in a page as a JSON document.

pageno: page number


String markupAnnotations = mPdfManager.GetMarkupAnnotationDetails(int pageno);


string json = plugin.GetMarkupAnnotationDetails(page);

JSON Example:

"left": 128.6949462890625,
"bottom": 277.17999267578125,
"right": 303.6849365234375,
"top": 299.47998046875,
"type": 9


With AddMarkupAnnotation(int pageno, int type, int index1, int index2) you can get add a markup annotation

pageno: page number

type: markup annotation type as defined by

    0: Highlight
    1: Underline
    2: StrikeOut
    3: Highlight without round corner
    4: Squiggly underline.

index1: starting character index
index2: ending character index


mPdfManager.addMarkupAnnotation(int page, int type, int index1, int index2) 


plugin.AddMarkupAnnotation(int page, int type, int index1, int index2)

To retrieve character index from PDF points, use getCharIndex(int page, float x, float y) 


int index = mPdfmanager.getCharIndex(int page, float x, float y)


int index = plugin.GetCharIndex(page, x, y);



Applies To

RadaeePDF SDK for Android, RadaeePDF SDK for iOS, RadaeePDF SDK for Cordova


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