Knowledge Base - How to add attachment (Android)

This article shows you how to add attachment to pdf.

You need a professional or a premium license.

page.AddAnnotAttachment("/mnt/sdcard/image.png",  0, new float[]{300,500,330,530});

For more info about that method please check this :

* add a file as an attachment to page.<br/>
* you should re-render page to display modified data.<br/>
* this can be invoked after ObjsStart or Render or RenderToBmp.<br/>
* this method require professional or premium license, and Document.SetCache invoked.
* @param path absolute path name to the file.
* @param icon icon display to the page. values as:<br/>
* 0: PushPin<br/>
* 1: Graph<br/>
* 2: Paperclip<br/>
* 3: Tag<br/>
* @param rect 4 elements: left, top, right, bottom in PDF coordinate system.
* @return true or false.<br/>
* the added annotation can be obtained by Page.GetAnnot(Page.GetAnnotCount() - 1), if this method return true.
final public boolean AddAnnotAttachment(String path, int icon, float[] rect)



Applies To

RadaeePDF SDK for Android


Created : 2018-01-08 15:08:54, Last Modified : 2018-01-08 15:15:52