Knowledge Base - Android - Implementing annotation edit functionality

Knowledge Base - Implementing annotation edit functionality

from version 3.53.5beta4 there is a set of new classes that allows for annotation editing.

The main Annotation menu can be called in your activity on the GLView or PDFLayoutView member by calling setAnnotMenu().


m_view.PDFOpen(m_doc, PDFViewAct.this);
m_view.setAnnotMenu(new UIAnnotMenu(m_layout));

Here is a list of the new classes with a brief explaination.

First option leads to
- UIAnnotDlgPopup: Allows user to edit Subject and Text of annotations.

Second option depending on the type of annotation

- UIAnnotDlg: Dialog window for properties editing. Extends AlertDialog Builder and is parent of all UIAnnotDlg*.

- UIAnnotDlgComm: Edit dialog for Ink type annotations (type 15)

- UIAnnotDlgLine: Edit dialog for Line type annotations (type 3)

- UIAnnotDlgMarkup: Edit dialog for Text type annotations (type 12)

Third option allows for annotation deletion.

Other classes involved in annotation handling:
- UIAnnotPop: Extends the Widget PopupWindow
- UIAnnotPopCombo: Popup that appears on a combobox annotation
- UIAnnotPopEdit: Popup that appears on a edittext annotation
- UIColorButton: A custom implementation of system button, used in annotation dialog layout, allowing for color changing.

Applies To

RadaeePDF SDK for Android


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