Knowledge Base - How to use Text to Speech

This article shows how to use Text to Speech APIs:

In RDPDFViewController you can find OnSelEnd method that gives you the selected area, in this case you can reproduce the selected text with TTS APIs:

- (void)OnSelEnd:(float)x1 :(float)y1 :(float)x2 :(float)y2


    if (m_bSel) {


        // Get the selected Text

        NSString *s = [m_view vSelGetText];



            // Initialize the TTS

            AVSpeechSynthesizer *synthesizer = [[AVSpeechSynthesizer alloc]init];

            AVSpeechUtterance *utterance = [AVSpeechUtterance speechUtteranceWithString:s];


            // Set the speach speed

            [utterance setRate:0.3f];


            // Set the language

            [utterance setVoice:[AVSpeechSynthesisVoice voiceWithLanguage:@"en-US"]];


            // Start playing

            [synthesizer speakUtterance:utterance];






Applies To

RadaeePDF SDK for iOS


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