RadaeePDF SDK Standard License

Provides the basic features of a PDF reader (fast rendering, page thumbs, search, read Table of content, …).


RadaeePDF SDK Professional License

Along with the standard features, the professional license provides the ability to manipulate different types of annotations, hyperlinks and saving annotated pdfs.


RadaeePDF SDK Premium License

Along with the professional features, the premium license provides the ability to support editing pdf forms, pdf page manipulation, table of content creation and pdf encryption.


We offer RadaeePDF SDK for Server.
The full featured SDK to manipulate, handle, optimize your PDF files directly from your server and backend application.
Target platforms: Windows, Linux.
Target languages: Java, C#

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Unlimited licenses/OEM plans

Large quantity, unlimited and OEM plans are available on demand. If interested, contact sales team.


Look at license specifications page to get more details.