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TOPIC: Android PDF Viewer SDK 3.5

Android PDF Viewer SDK 3.5 2 years 2 months ago #9270

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A new stable version 3.5 has been published.

This stable version contains all the beta fixes and new features.

- FIX issue for transparency bitmap annotation.
- FIX a rendering issue for an open PDF file. (lines too thin)
- FIX issue for Document.EncryptAs()
- FIX rendering issue with the STAMP button
- generated java-doc
- modified java-doc for Matrix class.
- modified some java codes for null reference check.

- continue to speed up jpx decoding both for arm32 and arm64.
- NEW PDF outline dialog to "RDPDFReader".
- NEW setting Global.debug_mode set false to disable "AvialMem" debug string.
- NEW method: Page.Annotation.GetFieldFlag() to know "is required" or "no export" flag.
- NEW methods:
now Text Field annotation can use these methods:
- FIX all crashed issues
- FIX an issue for linear gradient filling.
- FIX issue for mono image rendering on 64 bits platform.
- FIX issue for ANR when load library on some old devices.
- FIX render issue for text field. Now, it become same to Actobat for Windows.
- FIX issue from PDFBatchTest.zip
- FIX issue for text field color setting.
- modified java codes for Page.AddAnnotBitmap() failed.
- all JNI objects has finalize() method, it can auto free memory now.
- found an issue in Global.Init() about temp path.

- using ASIMD to optimize ARM64(AArch64) lib.
- speed up jpx decoding on arm64 platform.
- NEW interface: Annotation.GetRemoteDest()
- FIX an issue : signature become invalid for some type of PDF.
- FIX a crashed issue for Ink, on 64 bits platform.(native method "create" shall return long, not int).
- FIX some UI minor issues for PDFBotBar and PDFTopBar (PDFLayoutView(RDPDFReader) demo)
- modify some other native codes for fields.

- NEW interfaces:

- better rtol/ltor form fields handling
- added “BPG Arial regular” font and set as default annotation font. Support latin, greek, cyrillic, arab, hebrew. Licensed under MIT X11 license.
- new bmp.MulAlpha(): method that normalize RGB byte color when rendering Page on a transparent Bitmap
(look at KB Render bitmap with transparent background : www.radaeepdf.com/support/knowledge-base...component&kbartid=24)
- when loading corrupted PDF file tries to reconstruct the proper structure. Due to performances file size was 20Mb. Now it has been increased to 50Mb.
- new experimental feature using ViewPager with better memory and storage cache handling. Actually limited to page change and zoom.

Known issues:
- mixing RTOL and LTOR chars in the same form fields bring words inversion

native library
- ENHANCED com.radaee.view classes updated for memory optimize.
- FIX memory leaks for opengl curl effect.

native library
- FIX issue for bad rendering, because of bad optimizing codes for special type of jpx decoding.

native library
- NEW demo example to get object info from Document and Page, using Advanced interfaces.

native library
- NEW classes: Document.Obj, Document.Ref
- NEW methods: Document.Advance_GetRef(), Document.Advance_Reload(), Document.Advance_GetObj(), Document.Advance_NewIndirectObj(),
Document.Advance_NewIndirectObjAndCopy(), Document.Advance_NewFlateStream(), Document.Advance_NewRawStream()
Page.Advance_GetRef(), Page.Advance_Reload()
Annotation.Advance_GetRef(), Annotation.Advance_Reload()
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