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TOPIC: Rendering saved pdf error in iPhone6 (9.1) only

Rendering saved pdf error in iPhone6 (9.1) only 1 year 9 months ago #9906


I was testing our app and I discovered that the same code is working for an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2, it works for iPad 2 iOS 9.1, BUT it doesn't work in iPhone6 iOS 9.1

The exception arise when I open an pdf, edit it i.e. adding highlights or annotations, then I save it and when I try to open it again, it crashes in
PDFObjC render:
-(bool)render:(PDFDIB *)dib :(PDFMatrix *)mat :(int)quality
return Page_render(m_page, [dib handle], [mat handle], true, quality);

This is called from PDFView:
if( m_status == 2 ) return;
if( !m_page )
m_page = [m_doc page:m_pageno];
if( m_dib == NULL )
PDFDIB *dib = [[PDFDIB alloc] init:m_dibw :m_dibh];
[m_page renderPrepare:dib];
m_dib = dib;
[m_page renderPrepare:m_dib];
if( m_status == 2 ) return;
PDFMatrix *mat = [[PDFMatrix alloc] init:m_scale: -m_scale: 0: m_dibh];
[m_page render:m_dib :mat :mode_normal];
[self RenderFinish];

itself called from case 4 in static void *thread_route(void *para)
case 4:
PDFVCache1 *thumb = (PDFVCache1 *)para1;
[thumb Render];
[thiz notify_render:nil];
thumb = nil;

It gives and EXC_BAD_ACCESS but I have no other clue of what is going on, as I said the weirdest thing is it works in an iPad with same iOS version and in a iPhone with lesser iOS version.
Our clients are experiencing app crashes each time in iPhone6 >
Any hint or help will be greatly appreciated.
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